The elections start on April 1 of each year and continue into the third week of May. You can vote online or by paper ballot and receive your ballot alongside voting instructions in early April.

You can learn more about this spring’s elections on this website, which also includes a comprehensive FAQ.

About the Board of Overseers

The Board of Overseers is one of Harvard’s two governing boards, along with the President and Fellows, also known as the Corporation. Formally established in 1642, the Board plays an integral role in the governance of the University. As a central part of its work, the Board directs the visitation process, the primary means for periodic external assessment of Harvard’s schools and departments. Through its array of standing committees, and the roughly fifty visiting committees that report to them, the Board probes the quality of Harvard’s programs and assures that the University remains true to its charter as a place of learning. More generally, drawing on its members’ diverse experience and expertise, the Board provides counsel to the University’s leadership on priorities, plans, and strategic initiatives.

About the Harvard Alumni Association Board of Directors

The HAA Board of Directors, under the leadership of the Executive Committee and executive director, empowers volunteers to strengthen the Harvard alumni community. The HAA Board of Directors is an advisory board that guides the fostering of alumni community building, creating University citizens of alumni and alumni volunteers. The work focuses on developing volunteer leadership and increasing and deepening alumni engagement through an array of programs that support alumni communities worldwide. In recent years, the board’s priorities have included strengthening outreach to recent graduates and graduate school alumni; supporting antiracism work in alumni communities; and continuing to build and promote inclusive communities.