Supporting Our Community

The University is continuing to build upon recent actions to ensure that Harvard offers an environment in which all members of our community feel welcome and can thrive. This includes empowering presidential task forces to combat antisemitism and anti-Muslim and anti-Arab bias, providing new and expanded resources for student safety and wellbeing, and reaffirming the rights and responsibilities that balance Harvard’s dual commitment to free expression and mutual respect.

Harvard Square in fall

Update on University Rights and Responsibilities

President Garber, Provost Manning, and Harvard’s deans adopt the student disciplinary procedures proposed by the University Committee on Rights and Responsibilities for an initial two-year period.

Ariel view of Harvard Yard

Presidential Task Forces Deliver Preliminary Recommendations

Co-chairs of initiatives to combat anti-Muslim, anti-Arab, and anti-Palestinian bias and antisemitism outline recommendations for near-term action — with final reports expected in the fall.

Promoting Civil Discourse, Dialogue, and Education

Open Inquiry and Academic Freedom

The provost is leading two new initiatives to examine how the University can best nurture and reinforce a culture of open inquiry, constructive dialogue, and academic freedom.

Harvard Dialogues logo

Harvard Dialogues

Harvard’s 2024 spring term kicked off with events designed to enhance our ability to engage in respectful and robust debate.

Professor Sandel giving a lecture

Civil Discourse Initiative

The Faculty of Arts & Sciences is committed to building an inclusive academic environment that fosters critical thinking, empathy, and mutual understanding.

Gate in Harvard Yard on sunny day

Intellectual Vitality Initiatives

Harvard College seeks to establish a culture in which all members speak, listen, and ask questions of each other—and ourselves—with curiosity and respect.

Alison Simmons and Noah Feldman

When Should Harvard Speak Out?

The co-chairs of Harvard’s Institutional Voice Working Group discuss a new report that provides guidance for whether and when the University should make official statements about global events.

Advancing Academic Excellence

Scientist Zheng Yi Chen

New Gene Therapy Shows Promise for Curing Deafness

A team of researchers led by Harvard Medical School associate professor Zheng-Yi Chen is developing a groundbreaking therapy that has effectively restored hearing in several children with inherited deafness.

A view inside the institute from its front door

A Space for Researchers to Meet

What forms the basis of intelligence, and how do humans and machines learn? That’s the question researchers at the Kempner Institute for the Study of Natural and Artificial Intelligence are trying to answer.

Six layers of excitatory neurons colored by depth

Researchers Create Largest Brain Map

3D reconstruction details web of neural connections in a piece of temporal cortex.

Inside the chamber of the Quantinuum H2 quantum processor

Harvard Physicists Make a New Phase of Matter

Using a powerful machine called a quantum processor, Harvard researchers have made a brand-new phase of matter called non-Abelian topological order.

Interim President Alan Garber portrait

Harvard University Interim President Alan Garber

Alan M. Garber began serving as interim president of Harvard University on January 2, 2024, after having served as the provost and chief academic officer since 2011. "With the support, advice, and help of the Harvard community, my focus during this interim period will be on advancing our mission and helping to heal and strengthen a University that I cherish." 

Harvard University Leadership and Governance

By charter, Harvard has two governing boards that perform the essential roles ordinarily associated with a board of trustees. Together, the Harvard Corporation and the Board of Overseers help to shape the University’s agenda and assure that Harvard remains true to its mission.

Learn About the Harvard Corporation Learn About the Overseers

Gate in Harvard Yard in spring

Alumni Elected to Board of Overseers, HAA Board

Five new Overseers will assume their roles on May 24, while six new Harvard Alumni Association directors will begin their terms on July 1.

Vivian Hunt left and Tyler Jacks right

Overseers Announce Senior Officers for 2024-25

Vivian Hunt AB '89, MBA '95 and Tyler Jacks AB '83 will assume the board’s top leadership roles following Commencement.

Kenneth Frazier and Joseph Bae

Two Elected to Join Harvard Corporation

Kenneth C. Frazier JD '78 and Joseph Y. Bae AB '94 will join Harvard's top governing board in the coming months.

A Conversation with College Deans

Harvard College Dean Rakesh Khurana PhD '98, Dean of Undergraduate Education Amanda Claybaugh PhD '01, and Dean of Students Thomas Dunne explore campus life today, discussing intellectual vitality, academic freedom, and civil discourse during a recent webinar.