Below is a list of Harvard Alumni Association staff by program.

Class Report Office

Please direct general inquiries to 617-495-2696.

Jack Cashman Assistant Director | 30th, 35th, 65th 617-495-2697
Jason Hale Editor | 15th, 25th, 40th 617-496-6401
Alexandra Kesick Editor | 10th, 20th, 50th 617-495-8049
Diane MacDonald Senior Associate Director | 60th, 70th 617-496-6418
Jerrika L. Waller Editor | 5th, 45th, 55th 617-495-2696


Clubs & Shared Interest Groups

Please direct general inquiries to, 800-654-6494, or 617-495-3070.

Sara Aske Senior Associate Director 617-496-6173
Shae Callahan Assistant Director 617-496-0493
Joslyn Evans CPC ’11 Associate Director 617-495-5732
Lindsey Kelley Assistant Director 617-495-5326
Erin Mackey Kistler AB ’02 Director 617-496-5982
Courtney Mettler Staff Assistant 617-495-5637
Chandra Mohammed Associate Director 617-496-0767
Charles Spring Staff Assistant 617-495-2813


College Alumni Programs

Please direct non-reunion-specific inquiries to or 617-496-7001.

Elizabeth Ballard AB ’99 Director | AHCCS&T, Crimson Society 617-496-3518
Kristen DeAmicis EdM ’05 Senior Director | College Directors of the HAA Board of Directors 617-496-5707
Kim Delehanty Assistant Director | Classes 1972–1991 617-998-1744
Lily Gillespie EdM ’17 Associate Director | Classes 1992–2011 617-496-3536
Abby Hutton Assistant Director | Classes 1971 and prior 617-495-5301
Elizabeth Orenstein Staff Assistant 617-496-2724
John Prince AB ’13, ALM ’18 Associate Director | Undergraduate engagement, Classes 2012–2022 617-496-5454


Engagement Marketing

Kellie Celia Director 617-495-3851
Sabrina Debrosse Assistant Director 617-496-6146
Megan Domaracki Assistant Director 617-496-2009
Fabia Josselin Coordinator 617-496-0992
Lissa Maxi Staff Assistant and Receptionist 617-384-7698
Mary Sansone Associate Director 617-495-0406


Executive Director’s Office

Sarah C. Karmon Deputy Executive Director 617-495-2578
Philip Lovejoy Associate Vice President and Executive Director 617-496-3431
Betsy Pearlman Staff Assistant 617-495-5733


Harvard Alumni Travels

Please direct general inquiries to, 800-422-1636, or 617-496-0806.

Trearty Bartley  Director 617-384-7802
Piper Chapman Assistant Director 617-384-7827
Steven Holmgren  Deputy Director 617-496-0803
Suzanna Lansing Rivituso Associate Director 617-495-4160
Erin Whitney Staff Assistant 617-495-4044


University-Wide Alumni Engagement and Events

Please direct general inquiries to 617-495-1920 or

Heather Gain Senior Associate Director 617-495-1093
Mitchell Lima Coordinator 617-495-3702
Chris Serwacki Assistant Director 617-495-8583
Angela Wright Staff Assistant 617-495-3263


Volunteer Leadership

Please direct general inquiries to

Sara Graham Assistant Director  617-496-6749
Hannah Keil Staff Assistant 617-384-9080
Rachel Lamson EdM ’01 Director 617-495-5805
Monica Lesar Coordinator 617-496-2523


Quick Contacts

Alumni Awards Sara Graham, 617-496-6749
Alumni Records, 617-495-1750
Board of Directors Rachel Lamson EdM ’01, 617-495-5805 
Class Secretaries and Treasurers, 617-496-7001
General Commencement Inquiries, 617-495-5726
Alumni Marshaling Inquiries
Alumni Commencement Tickets
Annual Meeting Inquiries
Elections: Overseers and Elected Directors Sara Graham, 617-496-6749
Global Networking Night, 800-654-6494, 617-495-3070
HAA Help Desk, 800-823-2478, 617-496-0559
Reunions, 617-496-7001
Prize Book Program, 800-654-6494, 617-495-3070

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