We are an advisory board that guides the fostering of alumni community building, creating University citizens of alumni and alumni volunteers. Our work focuses on developing volunteer leadership and increasing and deepening alumni engagement through an array of programs that support alumni communities worldwide. The HAA is funded by, and not independent of, the University.

Composition of the HAA Board

The HAA Board of Directors consists of the following:

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the formal nexus between Harvard University and its alumni community and has oversight of the HAA Board of Directors. The Executive Committee is comprised of the current president, four vice presidents, secretary, and treasurer of the HAA; the two most recent past HAA presidents; and four at-large members.

Directors for Clubs and SIGs

Club and Shared Interest Group (SIG) Directors are nominated by the leaders of Harvard Clubs & SIGs in partnership with the HAA staff and appointed by the Executive Committee. They are selected based on their demonstrated leadership in these organizations. These directors are the primary liaison between each organization and the HAA, sharing best practices, challenges, and innovative ideas to support this network of alumni volunteers.

Directors for Harvard College

College Directors are nominated by Harvard and Radcliffe College alumni and class leaders in partnership with the HAA staff and are appointed by the Executive Committee. They are selected based on their demonstrated volunteer leadership and capacity to work effectively with their College-based generational cohort. Directors serve as liaisons between the HAA, the Board’s College Alumni Outreach Committees, and their cohort classes.

Director for the Harvard College Class Secretaries and Treasurers

Director for the Harvard College Class Secretaries and Treasurers is appointed by the Association of Harvard College Class Secretaries and Treasurers (AHCCS&T) with the approval of the Executive Committee. This director is the alumni liaison to the AHCCS&T.

Directors for the Graduate Schools

Graduate School Directors are appointed from each of Harvard University’s graduate and professional degree–granting schools with the approval of the Executive Committee. They are identified based on their demonstrated leadership and ability to work with alumni within their own Schools. Directors serve as the alumni liaison between their respective School alumni council or committees and the HAA, facilitating opportunities for collaborative work and raising awareness of the HAA and School priorities.

Elected Directors

Elected directors are elected by alumni to represent the alumni body on the HAA Board of Directors. The election takes place each year, and all alumni are eligible voters. Directors serve as representatives on the Board and support the HAA’s effort in developing volunteer leaders and increasing alumni engagement.

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Past President Directors

Past President Directors include all living past presidents of the HAA and its predecessor organization, the Associated Harvard Alumni. Directors serve as members of the Board and as mentors to new Board members and Executive Committee members.

Ex Officio Members

Ex Officio members include committee chairs, chairs of the onBOARD and springBOARD programs, and the chairs of the Harvard College Fund Executive Committee. These members serve as liaisons to their respective organizations.

If you are interested in learning more about the HAA Board of Directors or taking part in HAA activities and programs, please contact us at haa_alumnihelp@harvard.edu.

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