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Classes of 2’s and 7’s—Happy Reunion!

Reunion celebrations and activities are being held throughout the upcoming academic year. Stay tuned for information on virtual class activities and an exclusive Reunions speaker series featuring University leaders.

In-person Reunions and the Annual Meeting of the Harvard Alumni Association will now take place the first week of June.

Spring 2022 Harvard and Radcliffe College Reunion Dates

Spring 2022 Harvard and Radcliffe College Reunion Dates
Reunion Year Class Date
5th Reunion Class of 2017 June 3–5, 2022
10th Reunion Class of 2012 June 3–5, 2022
15th Reunion Class of 2007 June 3–5, 2022
20th Reunion Class of 2002 June 3–5, 2022
25th Reunion Class of 1997 June 2–5, 2022
30th Reunion Class of 1992 June 3–5, 2022
35th Reunion Class of 1987 June 3–5, 2022
40th Reunion Class of 1982 June 3–5, 2022
45th Reunion Class of 1977 June 3–5, 2022
50th Reunion Class of 1972 June 1–3, 2022
55th Reunion Class of 1967 June 2–3, 2022
60th Reunion Class of 1962 June 2–3, 2022
65th Reunion Class of 1957 June 2–3, 2022
70th Reunion Class of 1952 June 2–3, 2022
Crimson Society All Classes prior 1972 June 2–3, 2022

Message on the Observance of Faith Traditions

The Harvard Alumni Association (HAA) welcomes reunioning alumni of all religions to observe their faith traditions while on campus. This June's celebration coincides with Shavuot and Eastern Orthodox Ascension Day. We have been in touch with faith leaders on campus to plan opportunities to gather those observing, and will have more information to share in Spring 2022.

Alumni who will be practicing the religious observances of the Jewish festival of Shavuot during the weekend of Reunion may wish to be in touch with Harvard Jewish Chaplain, Rabbi Jonah Steinberg, Ph.D., Executive Director of Harvard Hillel, who will help the HAA identify and offer accommodations and arrangements in keeping with the holiday, including kosher meals and religious services.

The HAA is happy to work with any alumni wanting to observe their faith traditions while taking part in our activities.

If you have any questions, please email us at collegereunions_haa@harvard.edu

We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming events! 

Last updated: November 5, 2021 

HAA Crimson Society

The HAA Crimson Society is the organization of all Harvard College and Radcliffe College alumni/ae starting the year after their 50th Reunion. The HAA Crimson Society Planning Committee invites all non-reunion alumni/ae to festivities and programs that foster connections in the years between Harvard's traditional milestone reunions.

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