Frequently Asked Questions

Next spring, Harvard and Radcliffe College Reunions and Harvard Alumni Day will take place the week following Commencement. 

General Questions

When is my Reunion this year?

You can find all 2024 reunion schedules on the home page of the Reunion website. All Reunions will be held the week following Commencement, encompassing Harvard Alumni Day, which will occur on Friday, May 31.

How much will my Reunion cost?

Information about Reunion pricing will be available soon. 

Can I still register for my Reunion?

Registration will open in late winter/early spring. 

Will there be childcare (or a Children's Program) during Reunions?

Childcare will be available to all classes on campus Friday, May 31, and Saturday, June 1. Additional information is forthcoming. Registration for childcare will be available when you register for your Reunion in the late winter.

If I want to participate in other religious services over my Reunion, are there resources available to me?

The Harvard Alumni Association welcomes visiting alumni of all religions to observe their faith traditions while on campus. We will keep this website up to date on services and resources.

You can find information about local faith and non-religious communities on the Harvard Divinity School and Harvard Chaplains websites. If there are other resources you think would be helpful to include, please suggest additional resources to

Why are Reunions the week after Commencement?

The size of Commencement attendance has increased over the years as class size across Schools has gone up to around 8,000 graduates plus their families each year and Reunions now see more than 10,000 attendees per cycle, a great development that also puts a strain on campus and hotel space. 

Moving Reunions to the week following Commencement allows for graduates and their loved ones to truly celebrate their accomplishments.

The shift in timing allows alumni priority access to campus, including buildings, campus housing, the Yard, and local hotels. However, to provide this access, Reunion activities need to occur between the close of Commencement festivities and the start of Harvard’s summer school. 

We’ve also introduced more opportunities for Reunion classes to come together throughout the year through broad virtual programs offered by the HAA. These feature University leaders and faculty members, class-based virtual programs, and local in-person gatherings at each class’s discretion.

I need my HarvardKey to register for my Reunion. How do I set one up?   

You can claim your HarvardKey online (make sure to choose the “alumni” option). You will need your Harvard Alumni Association ID number, which can be found in the footer of any email from the HAA. You can find more information about how to claim your HarvardKey on our website. If you need assistance setting up your HarvardKey, you can contact the HAA Help Desk.  

Hotels and Campus Housing

Will campus housing be an option for my Class? What hotel blocks will be available? Can I book my hotel now?

Information regarding campus housing will be available in the coming months. Campus housing assignments will not be available in advance. You will receive your housing assignment upon arrival at Reunion Headquarters.

Information about hotel blocks in the Cambridge and Boston area will be available in the coming months. 

Will there be shuttles from my hotel to my reunion events?

Specific information about shuttles is forthcoming.

Where can I park if I plan to stay in campus housing?

Specific information about on-campus parking is forthcoming. 

What’s included in campus housing?

While staying on campus offers the opportunity to relive your College days and enjoy a convenient location, on-campus housing is simple and will not come with the same amenities as a hotel room would. 

Though subject to change, you can plan that your room will be equipped with a twin bed, disposable linens, a towel, soap, and trash bags. Please note, on-campus accommodations often have shared bathrooms and no air conditioning. 

Can I get my campus housing assignment before I arrive?

We will not be able to share campus housing assignments before your arrival. You will receive your dorm/House and room information when you arrive and check in at the Housing Desk at Reunion Headquarters. 

How are housing assignments made? 

In determining housing assignments, our priority is making sure our assignments match the accessibility, health (refrigeration for breast milk, insulin, etc.), and religious (nonelectronic access on the sabbath, etc.) needs of Reunion attendees. Our goal is to cluster Reunion classes together, but we cannot guarantee all will be in the same house or dorm. Specific housing location preferences or roommate requests cannot be accommodated.  

Harvard Alumni Day Celebration on Friday, May 31

Historically, what was the Annual Meeting of the Harvard Alumni Association (HAA)?

The HAA’s Annual Meeting has always been an opportunity to celebrate Harvard alumni, traditionally taking place on Commencement afternoon. Moving forward, this alumni celebration, now called Harvard Alumni Day, will take place the week following Commencement in tandem with College Reunions and other University-wide programs. Harvard Alumni Day celebrations will include the traditional alumni parade into Tercentenary Theatre, featured alumni speakers, and more.

What will Harvard Alumni Day look like? Will it still include the traditional alumni parade? 

Harvard Alumni Day will take place on Friday, May 31, 2024, in Tercentenary Theatre, during on-campus College Reunions. 

This University-wide celebration will include the traditional alumni parade led by the eldest alumni into Tercentenary Theatre, a program featuring alumni speakers, and a celebratory lunch for all alumni.  

Additional information about the program and featured speakers is forthcoming. 

How do I register for Harvard Alumni Day?

If registered for your Reunion’s Friday daytime activities, you don’t need to register for Harvard Alumni Day or the luncheon separately.  

What about Commencement Tickets? Can I still attend?  

Alumni can request a limited number of tickets for Commencement on Thursday, May 23, but note this is only to attend the Morning Exercises and will not include the traditional alumni parade into Tercentenary Theatre led by our oldest classes. The alumni parade, traditional celebration of the Harvard Medalists, and remarks from the Harvard Alumni Association and the Harvard president and president-elect will take place on May 31. Your Reunion registration will also be your Harvard Alumni Day registration—you do not need to register separately for the event. 

Radcliffe Day

When is Radcliffe Day?

Specific information about Radcliffe Day is forthcoming. 

Tree Spread

Is the Tree Spread Still Happening? How Do I Sign Up to Attend?  

Yes! The Tree Spread is still happening and is free to all alumni in the Class of 1973 and earlier. If you are in the Class of 1973 or earlier and in a reunion year, you will register for the Tree Spread through your Reunion registration. If you are in the Class of 1973 or earlier and not in a reunion year, you will register for the Tree Spread through your registration for the Crimson Society program (more on the Crimson Society below).  

HAA Crimson Society

What is the HAA Crimson Society?

The HAA Crimson Society is the organization of all Harvard College and Radcliffe College alumni/ae starting the year after their 50th Reunion. The HAA Crimson Society Planning Committee plans an annual program inviting all non-reunion alumni/ae back to campus for festivities and programs to foster alumni/ae connections in the years between Harvard’s traditional milestone Reunions. This year's program will take place May 30-31, 2024, culminating with the alumni parade, Harvard Alumni Day celebration, and Tree Spread luncheon. 

How did this idea come about?

A few years ago, the dauntless Dan Fenn AB ’44, AM ’72, now deceased, casually remarked to former HAA executive director Philip Lovejoy that “at our age, five years is too long.” This comment sparked a long process of study and discussion by the HAA Board’s Maintaining Connections College Alumni Programs (CAP) IV Committee—made up of your peers—and resulted in a model that retains and celebrates traditional 55th, 60th, 65th, and 70th Reunions while also providing annual opportunities for classmates to come together from all classes and celebrate our Harvard community. 

When do I become a member of the HAA Crimson Society?

Membership in the HAA Crimson Society starts immediately following your 50th Reunion—you do not need to apply! Harvard and Radcliffe alumni/ae from the Classes of 1973 and prior, and who are not celebrating a milestone Reunion this coming spring, will be invited to the HAA Crimson Society programming that will take place this spring. 

Will we still have a 55th, 60th, 65th, and 70th Reunion?

Absolutely! You will still celebrate your milestone Reunions thanks to the dedicated work of your Class and Reunion Committees. Memorial services, class photos, reconnecting, and exploring all our campus has to offer with your classmates are pivotal parts of the reunion experience. The HAA Crimson Society events will be held annually in addition to milestone Reunions. 

What does this mean for Class and Reunion Committees?

Class and Reunion Committees are vital to both the milestone reunion and HAA Crimson Society experience. Representatives from across the classes will be asked to join the HAA Crimson Society planning process as well as reach out to their classmates in the in-between years to get them excited about returning to campus! 

How are cost and accessibility considered in the HAA Crimson Society program?

The HAA Crimson Society Planning Committee is working to build a successful long-term program while keeping accessibility and affordability as primary values. 

We will try to have the activities in an area that is convenient to all with little to no travel in between events. The goal is to have accessibility everywhere. The HAA will work directly with the Harvard University Office of Disability Services to develop and refine our best practices to provide a safe, convenient program for all attendees. 

Will the HAA Crimson Society attendees be able to stay on campus?

There are no on-campus accommodations available for Crimson Society attendees.