I have forgotten my HarvardKey user ID or password.  How do I retrieve them?
You can retrieve your HarvardKey user ID and reset your password using the online login retrieval system.  Please see our login help page for detailed instructions on retrieving your password.

I have reset my password, but am still unable to login.  Why?
Please make sure that you are using the correct login name, and that you are entering your password exactly the same as when you reset it.  Your login name, which is in the form of an email address, is included in emails sent through the online login retrieval system.  Please note that both your login name and password are case-sensitive.

Please also make sure that the site you are trying to access is part of alumni.harvard, or has HarvardKey listed as the login type.  Please note that even with HarvardKey, not all Harvard websites are accessible to alumni. If you are still unable to login, please contact the Help Desk, and include the web address of the page where you are trying to login, as well as the error message you receive when you attempt to login.

How do I claim my HarvardKey?
If you have not yet set up your HarvardKey user ID and password, you can do so using the HarvardKey registration system.  Please see our registration help page for detailed registration instructions.

The HarvardKey registration system asks for an HAA ID.  What is this and how do I find it?
Your HAA ID is a 10-digit number used to uniquely identify you (this is different from your Harvard ID number, and different from your Alumni.Harvard user ID).  You only need to use your HAA ID once, when you first claim your HarvardKey.  You can find your HAA ID in the footer at the bottom of a recent email sent from Harvard, such as HAA eVENTS or the Harvard Alumni Gazette.  If have not received these emails or are unable to find your HAA ID, please contact the Help Desk for assistance.

When I try to register, the system does not find my record.  Why?
If your record does not appear in the registration system, it may mean that our database lists your information differently from the way you are entering it, or that you are not eligible to claim a HarvardKey.  Please see our registration help page for detailed registration instructions and troubleshooting tips.

What Harvard websites do I have access to as an alumnus/alumna?
All Harvard alumni have access to alumni.harvard.  In addition, most schools at Harvard have their own alumni websites (these vary in terms of the content and services they offer).  Many other Harvard websites are limited to current students, faculty or staff members.  See the site access help page for more information on your access to various websites.

Still need help? Contact the HAA Help Desk for assistance.