An email forwarding address is an address in the format, which can be set to forward to a designated email inbox. All email forwarding addresses adopted by users are subject to approval by AA&D.

It’s important to know that emails sent to your email forwarding address are often perceived as spam or phishing attacks by email providers like Gmail or Yahoo. With this in mind, your email provider may reject emails sent to your forwarding address resulting in you not receiving them. If this happens, the alumni help desk will not be able to fix or troubleshoot this problem.

Because of these ongoing issues with email forwarding, like those addressed above, we are no longer offering the option to set up a new email forwarding address. This means that all first-time graduates this year and any alumni who don't currently have an email forwarding address will be unable to set up email forwarding at any time in the future.

Alumni who already have an email forwarding address may continue to retain their current email forwarding address. There is no immediate impact to current forwarding addresses.

If you have a forwarding address, you should not use it for any critical communications or functions such as business transactions, job searches, financial transactions, or password recovery.

  • This service is an email forwarding service, not a stand-alone account. There is no email inbox and no way to send messages using this email alias.
  • Email forwarding service provided by the Harvard Alumni Association is not a lifetime service.
  • You must activate forwarding to receive messages through your email forwarding alias.
  • Messages sent to your forwarding alias will automatically be forwarded to the address you have designated.
  • It is not possible to retrieve messages directly from an email forwarding address, either through the web or using a desktop email program.
  • Messages sent to an email forwarding address can only be retrieved through the address to which mail is being forwarded.

By default, your outgoing mail will display the email address to which your or address is forwarding. It may be possible to configure your email account to display your forwarding address on outgoing messages. Because each email provider (Gmail, Yahoo!, etc.) has different functionality available as well as different instructions, the alumni help desk will not be able to support configuring your email forwarding address with your email inbox.

In turn, we discourage the use of the Send From or Send As feature. Many email providers see scammers use this method to send phishing attacks and spam. The email providers often reject email messages sent with Send From or Send As alias. It’s important to know that your message may not reach your intended recipient if you do use the feature.

Forwarding email addresses are separate from other Harvard email addresses, such as student addresses. Creating a forwarding email address will not allow alumni to continue receiving mail through student addresses after these addresses have expired. For more information about student email accounts, please visit

If you have any questions about setting up your email forwarding address, or about its functionality, please contact the AAD Service Desk.