About the Message Board

The Alumni.Harvard Community Message Board serves as a locale for alumni to communicate about a variety of topics. To join in a thread or start a new post, visit the Message Board section of the Alumni.Harvard Community.

Navigating to the Message Board

  • Login to the Message Board on the Alumni.Harvard Community using your HarvardKey. Visit this page for instructions on how to claim your HarvardKey, if you haven't already, or visit this page for instructions on how to retrieve your HarvardKey login name or password.
  • The Message Board can also be accessed by selecting "Message Board" from the top or left hand navigation.

Posting on the Message Board

  • Select either the "Post A Message" link in the left hand navigation or the "post your own message to the community" link from the main page of the Message Board.
  • Choose a Category for your post from the dropdown menu. Your can choose from: Arts, Career & Networking, Current Events, Housing & Real Estate, or Relationships.
  • (Optional) Enter a relevant Location for your post. You can choose from either a state (domestic) or country (foreign).
  • Provide a Title for your message.
  • Submit your message in the space provided.
  • If desired, upload an image (in JPG, GIF, or PNG formats only) by selecting the "Upload Photo" button, then browse for your image by selecting "Upload Image". Images can be up to 2 MB in size. You may also include a caption.
  • Choose whether you wish to receive notifications of responses to your post or whether you want responses at all.
  • Finally, select "Post Message" to have your post submitted to the Message Board.

Commenting on a Message Board Post

You can comment on a post by selecting the “Post a reply” link found below the original content. Note that the option to reply is only available if the original poster has enabled the feature. Any replies submitted can also be removed at any time.

How to Find and Manage Posts You've Started on the Message Board

To view a list of your postings, select the dropdown for "Message Board" in the left hand navigation, followed by selecting "My Messages" in the options that appear. This will take you to a list of the posts you've started, but not ones you've commented on.

From any post you’ve started, you will have the options to:
  • Edit the post
  • Post a reply to yourself
  • Toggle email notifications on/off
  • Toggle replies on/off
  • Permanently delete the post and any replies

Message Board Notifications

When you create a post on the Message Board, you have the option to receive email notifications for any replies to your post. This option can be turned on/off at any time after your post has been made by navigating to the post and toggling the preference.

Browsing the Message Board

To search the Message Board for specific terms, use the search box with the subsection "Messages" selected.

To filter posts, use the filter boxes on the main page to refine posts based on a combination of category, location, and school affiliation.

Posts can also be sorted by date (newest vs oldest) or by most recent activity.

Learn more about the person who posted a message by clicking their name and viewing their profile.

Still need help? Contact the HAA Help Desk for assistance.