While most Harvard journeys start on campus, they rarely end there. More than 10,000 College alumni give back to Harvard as steadfast volunteers, in more ways than one. This vibrant community of alumni engages with peers, raises awareness and fundraising resources, and connects with the Harvard network through club activities, continuing education programs, online services, and alumni events around the world. Four alumni share why they dedicate their time and energy to Harvard, well past their own days in the Yard, and how they hope to make an impact on Harvard’s future.

Sherwood E. “Joe” Bain AB ’45, MBA ’49
Volunteer roles: Class Agent, Harvard College Fund (HCF) 1945 Reunion Campaign Committee; Member, Harvard College Class of 1945 Class Committee; Member, Harvard Business School Association of Boston
House: Eliot

“I think Harvard’s motto, ‘Veritas,’ should be applied to every field you can think of, and I admire Harvard’s leadership in the world. I volunteer because I am grateful to be part of it. We are having our 70th Reunion, and I try to raise people’s sights in giving back to Harvard. I enjoy staying in touch with members of my class; we have some very interesting achievers, and it’s fun to learn about their lives. I also get a visceral satisfaction from speaking with someone who has been putting off making a gift and helping them see how they can have an impact on research or scholarship. Harvard does more than any other institution that I can think of, and it needs money to maintain all that is Harvard.”

Raphael Bostic AB ’87
Volunteer roles: Elected Director, Harvard Alumni Association (HAA) Board of Directors; Chief Marshal of Commencement in 2013
House: Cabot

“My time at Harvard was truly life changing. Without the education, experiences, and exposure that Harvard provided me, I would never have had such a rich life that has taken me to truly unexpected and wonderful places. It is a tremendous privilege to be able to help others have that same opportunity. I hope that Harvard continues to be a thought leader and a precedent setter, and that Harvard remains a clear and strong voice promoting innovation, justice, and inclusion. I also hope that Harvard continues to work hard to increase the diversity of its students, faculty, and staff, so that the resources of the University community are brought to bear in meaningful ways on a diverse set of issues and challenges worldwide.”

Erica Mitnick Klein AB ’00, MBA/JD ’08
Volunteer roles: Reunion Co-Chair, HCF 2000 Reunion Campaign Committee; Vice Chair for Participation, HCF Executive Committee
House: Leverett

“Harvard has been giving to me for most of my life—Harvard opened doors in my career and graduate studies while introducing me to my husband and many treasured friends and colleagues. I will never be able to repay Harvard for so thoroughly enriching my life, but by volunteering I am able to organize more of an impact than I ever could make on my own. The Harvard Campaign for Arts and Sciences has elevated the stakes of my work as a volunteer, inspiring me to give my all to raise sights, increase reach, and deepen engagement. The Campaign’s articulated goals have helped me, in turn, to convey to my classmates the importance of giving back to Harvard. I could hope for nothing better for Harvard than that the Campaign fulfills its promises for the future.”

Margaret Wang AB ’09
Volunteer roles: Incoming Vice President, College Affairs, HAA Board of Directors; Co-Chair, Undergraduate and Alumni Outreach CommitteeBuilding Community (Undergraduate through Fifth Reunion); Member, Nominating Committee; Elected Class Marshal, Harvard College Class of 2009
House: Winthrop

“I give back because of the opportunities to learn, explore, dream, and play that I’ve been lucky to experience because of Harvard and its community. Harvard has given me so much, and I hope to pay it forward so that others may also experience everything the institution and its extended network have to offer. There are many ways to volunteer for Harvard—from interviewing applicants, to hosting regional events, to creating alumni and student programming. For me, it’s exciting to be a part of something that will have a significant impact on the University, and to see the Campaign galvanize so many volunteers from around the world is truly inspiring. I deeply believe in a liberal arts education and hope Harvard continues to push the envelope in thought and practice.”

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