Members of the Harvard community are responding to the challenges of COVID-19 on many fronts through emergency student funding, advancements in online learning, groundbreaking research, innovation in policy and leadership, and more. Below are links to COVID-19-specific funds and important immediate-use discretionary funds being deployed to the COVID-19 response that you can support.

Support the Schools’ Responses 

To donate directly to School initiatives, please visit the School giving pages listed below:

Support the University-Wide Response 

Harvard University COVID-19 Research Fund
This current-use fund will help support research and associated activities related to COVID-19 at Harvard University. The fund may also be used to help defray the costs of resuming other research activities at the University that were halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Harvard University COVID-19 Student and Teaching Fund
This current-use fund will provide assistance to Harvard students who are experiencing unanticipated or emergency situations due to the COVID-19 pandemic and support online learning efforts across the University. These efforts include developing effective online learning materials and tools; advancing online pedagogy; supporting efforts to maximize the curriculum and student experience; and sharing content, expertise, and experiences within Harvard and across the globe.

University Affiliates and Units

Learn more about supporting Harvard University’s affiliates and units.

Learn about the latest guidance on PPE and supply donations 

Guidance on PPE and Supply Donations

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