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The Future Is Now: Harvard Takes On the Climate Challenge 

The Salata Institute’s inaugural academic event

October 26, 2022
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About This Event

The Salata Institute for Climate and Sustainability at Harvard University was established in June 2022 with generous support from Melanie and Jean Salata. The inaugural event, The Future Is Now: Harvard Takes On the Climate Challenge, took place on October 26, 2022, and offered an occasion to celebrate Harvard University’s new climate initiative and discuss the inspiring work that lies ahead for all of us as we rise to the global climate change challenge. A video recording of the program can be found below.

The program included:

Welcome remarks by Tomiko Brown-Nagin, Dean, Harvard Radcliffe Institute; Daniel P.S. Paul Professor of Constitutional Law, Harvard Law School; Professor of History, Faculty of Arts and Sciences 

Voices from Harvard faculty, students, and alumni: Harvard Answers the Call to Climate Action

A panel discussion Tackling Climate Change: Challenges Ahead and Harvard's Role

Harvard faculty experts in the field of climate and sustainability discussed how Harvard is mobilizing to inform and guide society’s response to climate change. The panel included: 

  • Jody Freeman LLM ’91, SJD ’95, Archibald Cox Professor of Law and Director of the Environmental and Energy Law Program, Harvard Law School (moderator) 
  • Caroline Buckee, Professor of Epidemiology and Associate Director of the Center for Communicable Disease Dynamics, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health 
  • Bridget Terry Long PhD ’00, Dean of the Faculty of Education and Saris Professor of Education and Economics, Harvard Graduate School of Education 
  • Naomi Oreskes, Henry Charles Lea Professor of the History of Science and Affiliated Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Sciences  
  • Daniel Schrag, Sturgis Hooper Professor of Geology, Faculty of Arts and Sciences; Professor of Environmental Science and Engineering, Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences; Director of the Harvard University Center for the Environment; Co-Director of the Science, Technology, and Public Policy Program, Harvard Kennedy School 
  • Robert N. Stavins PhD ’88, A.J. Meyer Professor of Energy and Economic Development, Director of the Harvard Environmental Economics Program, and Director of the Harvard Project on Climate Agreements, Harvard Kennedy School 
  • Michael W. Toffel, Senator John Heinz Professor of Environmental Management, Harvard Business School 

Closing remarks by Alan M. Garber AB ’77, PhD ’82, Provost of Harvard University, James H. Stock, Director of The Salata Institute for Climate and Sustainability and Vice Provost for Climate and Sustainability, Harvard University; Harold Hitchings Burbank Professor of Political Economy, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, and Jean Salata, Head of BPEA EQT and Chairperson of EQT Asia. 

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