Our Commitment to Our Community

The Harvard Alumni Association (HAA) welcomes individuals with disabilities to participate in its programs and activities. If you would like to request accommodations or have questions about the access provided, please contact or 617-496-7001 in advance of your arrival on campus.

Requests for Sign Language interpreters and/or CART providers should be made at least two weeks in advance, if possible. Please note that the University will make every effort to secure support, but that services are subject to availability.

Reunion Events

All Reunion events are planned with accessibility in mind. If you have any questions about programming for your class or guests, please contact or 617-496-7001 to discuss your needs in advance of reunions.

Accessible Parking

Accessible parking will be available throughout reunions and located at the 52 Oxford Street garage. Please note that all parking is on a first-come, first-served basis, and is in satellite parking areas.

Shuttle and Van Service

Shuttle service is available throughout Reunions. The routes travel across campus every 10-15 minutes. The shuttles are accessible to guests using wheelchairs and other mobility devices. You can track shuttle service and get real-time information on

Should you need additional transportation assistance on campus that is not served by the shuttle, please call 617-495-0400 for Harvard’s fully accessible on-demand van service. Information about the Daytime Van Service and Evening Van Service is available on the Harvard Transportation & Parking website. Please note that vans can only transport to on-campus locations. 

Campus Housing

In determining housing assignments, our priority is making sure our assignments match the accessibility (wheelchair access), health (refrigeration for breast milk, insulin, etc.), and religious (nonelectronic access on the Sabbath, etc.) needs of Reunion attendees. Our goal is to cluster Reunion classes together, but we cannot guarantee all will be in the same house or dorm.

Please note an accessible bathroom does not necessarily mean a private bathroom, so those with specific needs should indicate them on their housing registration or contact or 617-496-7001 to discuss your needs in advance of reunions.

Campus Accessibility Map

To find useful information regarding accessible pathways and building entrances in a variety of areas, please visit the Harvard University Campus Map. This is an interactive map and offers various features such as:

  • Search Bar – (top of the page) – may be used to search building names or partial names.
  • Layers – (right side) – various layers can be selected to show a variety of information about Harvard.
  • Zoom – the map can be zoomed and dragged to view different areas of campus.

Referral Resources

The HAA is unable to provide medical equipment for Reunion attendees. There are a number of medical equipment rental companies in the local area. Wheelchairs, walkers, and scooters may be rented from local vendors that provide short-term loans for a cost. Family and friends needing such wheeled mobility aids are strongly encouraged to reserve necessary equipment well in advance of coming to campus. Links to local, state, and national resources are included below:

Title IX Resources

There are various Harvard resources available to you as an alumnus, outlined below. If you wish to learn more about these options, or speak further about your concerns, Sarah Keeping, one of our Title IX Resource Coordinators, is happy to connect with you.  Her email address is contact