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  • Harvard Asian Alumni Summit 2014

    Harvard Asian Alumni Summit

    Cambridge, MA, United States

    The Second Harvard Asian Alumni Summit promises to be even bigger and better than the hugely successful Inaugural Summit in 2010, which drew more than 400 students, faculty, staff and alumni!

  • HAA Vietnam & Cambodia 2015 -

    Exploring Vietnam & Cambodia

    Study Leader(s): Lizabeth Cohen

    Vietnam and Cambodia—old French Indochina—are culturally linked, striking a balance of communism, capitalism, Buddhism, bygone colonialism and feudalism.

  • mountains -

    Journey through the South Caucasus

    Study Leader(s): Peter W. Galbraith

    Traverse the three culturally diverse Caucasus countries of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia, next-door neighbors on a mountainous strip of land between the Caspian and the Black Seas.