Board Resources

Board Resources

HAA Board of Directors Mission Statement

The Harvard Alumni Association (HAA) Board of Directors, under the leadership of the Executive Committee and executive director, empowers volunteers to strengthen the Harvard alumni community. We are an advisory board that guides the fostering of alumni community building, creating University citizens of alumni and alumni volunteers. Our work focuses on developing volunteer leadership, increasing and deepening alumni engagement through an array of programs that support alumni communities worldwide. The HAA is funded by, and not independent of, the University.

Composition of the HAA Board

Alumni Affairs & Development Community Expectations

Harvard University Alumni Affairs & Development (AA&D) programs and volunteer opportunities respect the rights, differences, and dignity of others. Those taking part in AA&D activities are expected to demonstrate honesty, integrity, and civility in those activities and are accountable for their conduct there with University alumni, students, parents, volunteers, employees, and invitees.

Harvard University Alumni Affairs & Development reserves the right to suspend services to—and to exclude from participation in AA&D programs—any person whose inappropriate behavior adversely affects the safety, well-being, and inclusion of community members.

HAA Board of Directors Code of Volunteer Engagement

HAA Board Members serve University alumni in diverse ways, including championing the University’s mission, encouraging and fostering inclusive alumni volunteer involvement and community engagement, serving as an ambassador to fellow volunteers and alumni, building long-term relationships with other alumni, students and other constituencies while collaborating with members of the University community.  

Board Members commit to promote and protect the interests of the HAA and the University and to carry out volunteer responsibilities in an ethical, honest and socially responsible manner. 

Board Members agree to review this Code of Volunteer Engagement and sign the Acknowledgement Form prior to the commencement of our term as Board Members, thereby recognizing our commitment to abide by the letter and spirit of the Code.

Community Climate and Harassment Prevention (Title IX)

Harvard University is committed to gender equity, inclusion, and belonging, with the goal of creating safe, equitable, and professional settings for staff and volunteers to do their best work. With that in mind, the Alumni Affairs and Development Human Resources team, in partnership with the University wide Office of Gender Equity, has created a series of videos focused on our shared responsibility to prevent and respond to sexual harassment and other sexual misconduct. The series is an extension of the Harvard University Alumni Affairs and Development Community Expectations.

It is expected that all members of the HAA Board, in their role as volunteer leaders, will affirm their commitment to this essential information by watching each short video (total time: 27 minutes) and then attest to completion through this form.


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