Nominations for Committee Membership

HAA Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the formal nexus between Harvard University and its alumni community and has oversight of the HAA Board of Directors. The current president, four vice presidents, secretary, and treasurer of the HAA; the two most recent past HAA presidents; and four at-large members make up the Executive Committee.


HAA Committee to Nominate Overseers and Elected Directors

The Harvard Alumni Association Committee to Nominate Overseers and Elected Directors (Nominating Committee) deliberates over the course of the fall to develop the slates of candidates for both the Harvard Board of Overseers and for elected directors of the HAA. Committee members discuss a wide range of nominees with the goal of putting forward candidates who will bring important and complementary perspectives and experiences to Harvard’s Board of Overseers and the HAA Board. The Nominating Committee’s voting members include three current or recent Overseers and up to 10 alumni of varied backgrounds and experience chosen by the HAA Executive Committee.


HAA Awards Committee

The Awards Committee is made up of 10 alumni who are tasked each year with selecting three Harvard Medalists (honored at Commencement) and six HAA Award winners (celebrated at the fall board meeting).


HAA Anti-Racism Working Group

The Harvard Alumni Association Anti-Racism Working Group is committed to leading the Harvard Community in recognizing, addressing, and eradicating social and institutional racial prejudice wherever it may exist.


Nominations for Candidates for Awards

Harvard Medal

The principal objective of the Harvard Medal is to recognize extraordinary service to Harvard University. Extraordinary service can be in as many different areas of University life as can be imagined, including teaching, fundraising, administration, management, generosity, leadership, innovation, and labors in the vineyards.


HAA Alumni Award

The HAA Alumni Award recognizes service to Harvard University through alumni activities and encourages continued commitment to Harvard in the future. This may be reflected in significant commitment to a Club, Schools and Scholarships Committee, class, fund, or other activity substantially benefiting Harvard University. Alumni of Harvard and Radcliffe Colleges, the graduate and professional Schools, and the Extension School who have significantly contributed to the University through alumni activities are eligible.


Nominations for Harvard Overseers and HAA Elected Directors

The Board of Overseers directs the visitation process—the primary means for periodic external assessment of Harvard’s Schools and departments. Through its array of standing committees, and the roughly 50 visiting committees that report to them, the Board probes the quality of Harvard’s programs and assures that the University remains true to its charter as a place of learning. More generally, drawing on its members’ diverse experience and expertise, the Board provides counsel to the University’s leadership on priorities, plans, and strategic initiatives.

Elected directors are elected by alumni to represent the alumni body on the HAA Board of Directors. Directors serve as representatives on the Board and support the HAA’s effort in developing volunteer leaders and increasing alumni engagement.

The HAA encourages and welcomes nominations of candidates for Harvard Overseer and HAA elected director by the alumni body. 


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