Unity Weekend 2021

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SEPTEMBER 23-25, 2021 register

Unity Weekend: Celebrating Harvard Alumni of Color

Unity Weekend is a three-day virtual conference led by—and in celebration of—Harvard alumni of color.

Hosted by the Harvard Asian American Alumni Alliance (H4A), Harvard Black Alumni Society (HBAS), Harvard Latino Alumni Alliance (HLAA), and Native American Alumni of Harvard University (NAAHU) in partnership with the Harvard Alumni Association, this virtual event will provide a forum for diverse communities to come together for candid conversations on complex issues at the intersection of identity, inclusion, and impact.

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Open to all Harvard alumni, affiliates, and guests, events will be hosted jointly and individually by the sponsoring Shared Interest Groups from September 23–25, 2021.

Unity Weekend is the culmination of the collaborative Unity Webinars planned and hosted by these alumni organizations, which addressed topics related to race, ethnicity, diversity, equity, and justice.

We look forward to connecting and reflecting on our alumni journeys during this special inaugural event. Questions? Contact us at

Community Expectations

Harvard University Alumni Affairs & Development (AA&D) programs and volunteer opportunities respect the rights, differences, and dignity of others. Those taking part in AA&D activities are expected to demonstrate honesty, integrity, and civility in those activities and are accountable for their conduct there with University alumni, students, parents, volunteers, employees, and invitees. Harvard University Alumni Affairs & Development reserves the right to suspend services to and exclude from participation in AA&D programs any person whose inappropriate behavior adversely affects the safety, well-being, and inclusion of community members.

Land Acknowledgement

From its origins, our Harvard alumni community has been anchored and enriched by First Nations people from across the Americas and around the world. The land on which Harvard is situated has been a place of learning for millennia, where First Nations people have passed on their culture, history, and traditions from one generation to the next.

The organizers of Unity Weekend acknowledge and pays its respects to the traditional custodians of the land on which Harvard University stands, the people of the Massachusett tribe and their elders—past, present, and emerging—and we honor the land itself, which remains sacred to the Massachusett people. The organizers of Unity Weekend acknowledge Harvard’s long historical relationships with the Nipmuc and Wampanoag peoples and pays its respects to them. We acknowledge and pay our respects to the thousands of past, present, and emerging First Nations elders throughout the Harvard alumni community.