Jul 1, 2022
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Trip Overview

Since the Erie Canal opened in 1825, it has been considered as one of the most impressive works of civil engineering in America. The first major waterway connecting the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean, the original 363-mile-long canal was dug entirely by hand with mining axes, shovels, and by blasting through mountains. The canal revolutionized the way goods and people were transported, and it contributed immeasurably to the growth and prosperity of New York City. Enhancing the wonder of the canal are waterfront restaurants, nearby wineries, and a range of wildlife and natural wonders that unfold as you round each bend. Join a flotilla of specially chartered, self-piloted boats purposely built to easily navigate through historic locks, under distinctive lift-bridges, and berth in marinas along 19th-century canal towns and villages amid glorious scenery.

Schedule by Day

  • Day 1: Syracuse, NY / Macedon / Fairport
  • Day 2: Fairport / Bushnell
  • Day 3: Brockport / Medina
  • Day 4: Medina / Lockport
  • Day 5: Lockport / Niagara Falls / Lockport
  • Day 6: Lockport / Holley /Rochester / Holley
  • Day 7: Holley / Pittsford
  • Day 8: Pittsford / Macedon / Return


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What to Expect

Activity Level 2

A fair amount of walking (at least one mile per day) with excursions lasting up to three hours at a time. Limited free time.

Study Leader(s)

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